Dutch Touch KSS Soccer Camp comes to Henderson Park

Dutch Touch KSS Soccer Camp comes to Henderson Park

A message from Coach Taka:

I am thrilled to be bringing “Dutch Touch KSS Soccer Camp” this summer to TUCKER. Collaboration of “Dutch Touch” and “KSS” method will bring you a true soccer camp. I’ve met coach Jan Pruijn and Terry Michler in St. Louis when I was playing for STLFC and I found out we use similar philosophies in our coaching. This is a quality soccer camp for all soccer kids who want to get better!!

What is “Dutch Touch” ?

-Total enjoyment from soccer

When players are motivated practicing their sport, they'll learn more from it, and therefore, become a better soccer player. So, our aim is to get as much pleasure from soccer as possible. From soccer training the most enjoyment can be gained in situations where players can score as much as possible and also have to defend. On a full-sized pitch, children don't have enough touches on the ball and therefore don't learn enough. 
So, we suggest that children up to the age of 11 should play games with smaller sides and on smaller fields. This way they become more in contact with the ball and in match-situation this improves their vision.
 In Training this means: 
-many repetitions
-not having to wait
-sufficient balls, goals, etc.
-good planning and organization
-quality coaching        

What is “KSS”?

-Kentaro Soccer School

Established in 2017. Using method of Japanese way of repetition also experience of professional career, teach kids real soccer and life-skills through playing soccer.

Core values

-Respect-Learn-Think-Repetition-Work hard, Work smart

Who is Coach Jan Pruijn?
Jan Pruijn served in the past  for 4 years as Manager International Youth Development at AJAX Amsterdam , and as follow – up from this position he was
7 years Head of Technical Affairs at AJAX Cape Town ( SA ) , in between he worked as a Scout for Everton FC of the E.P.L.
Now he runs his own Consultancy Dutch Touch FC. Jan runs a camp with Coach Taka in this summer.

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